Current Sermon Series: Thoughts and Prayers

Whenever a tragedy strikes, national leaders will often announce that they are sending what has become a much-maligned offering of “thoughts and prayers.”  Many people not only question the sincerity of these offerings, but their effectiveness.  “Does prayer do anything?” “Does anyone hear?” In this series, we explore the amazing gift of prayer and why every circumstance – whether it is joyful or tragic – ought to be informed and formed by prayer.

Foolish Things Christians Believe

My Behavior is Not Fixed (Week 4)

The saws say, “You can’t teach an old dog new tricks,” or, “A leopard can’t change his spots.” With Christ, however, real and lasting change is possible. If Christ can take a person from death to life in salvation, He can also help us fight nagging addictions and habits to His glory and to our benefit.

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