Summer Sermon Series: Exodus
Beginning Sunday, June 17

The story of the exodus is one of the most famous stories in the world.  But beyond the famous scenes is a record – and a promise – of redemption. When sin oppresses the people of God, God rescues His people!  In this way, the story of the exodus foreshadows the exodus from sin, death, and the devil won for us by one who is greater than Moses – Jesus!

Sola: What Matters Most

Reformation: Cross Alone

Today, we celebrate a moment in time when a man with a message changed the world. In 1517, Martin Luther gave voice to concerns by posting his 95 Theses (against indulgences) on the door of the Castle Church in Wittenberg on October 31. His intention was to bring to light the fact that the people were being led into false belief in a practice called indulgences. What happened changed the world in profound ways.

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