WHAT is @Home?
@Home family ministry is an integrated church strategy for creating a culture of intentional families at Concordia. It exists to increase the likelihood those attending our church will…

  • Build a life–long, thriving marriage
  • Talk with their kids about Jesus at home
  • Launch their teens as committed believers

WHO can participate? 
Anyone in any stage of life can benefit from the resources provided by @Home, not just families with young kids.  There are materials for young adults, singles, newlyweds, empty nesters, and grandparents too!

WHY should you participate? 

  • Half of those raised in church walk away as adults
  • The problem isn't what's happening at church, but what's not happening at home
  • Faith formation happens at home

YOU can be more intentional at home, and we can help!

WHERE will the materials come from? 
Concordia is partnering with drivefaithhome.com and other churches around the country to provide resources to help people be more intentional about faith formation at home.

WHEN can I access the @Home resources? 
The @Home family ministry resource center is open before and after each service on weekends and resources are always available here online!

The resource center is located in the open area where you enter the sanctuary, called the narthex. To visit our online resource center, please click here.

HOW do I sign up?
You don't!  Everything that happens through the @Home family ministry happens AT HOME.  Two to three times per year, our church leadership will challenge you to assess how you are doing in terms of being intentional about faith formation, spiritual growth, and healthy relationships at home.  You'll then have an opportunity to make a plan to be more intentional by selecting resources from the center or online.

If you have questions or want additional information, please email alyssac@concordia.cc